For your defense you want your thesis to look good and beautiful. It’s something you’re proud of. Of course your thesis has to be more special, better and different from others. We will take care of that!

PhD Thesis & extras

The cover, the invitation to your party, the propositions & bookmarks as well as the total text layout can be designed by us. And of course it is possible to include all the extras you want. Such as a beautiful presentation for your defense ceremony. You will be involved in the whole process. We will turn your personal wishes into a wonderful result.

Personal contact is important in the design process. We always make that happen. I prefer to make an appointment with us in the studio, but it is also possible by telephone, via skype or by e-mail. Because of this personal contact our dissertations are always more special than the standard dissertations that are offered online. Everything can be adjusted in detail to your wishes.

Our style is hip, modern and sleek. Thanks to my many years of experience as a designer, almost everything is possible!

The whole picture

Next to the design, we can also arrange printing on your behalf. We have good contacts with printing companies.


1.    If it is possible we will make an appointment at the studio to go through all your wishes. I can show a lot of books here so you  get a good feelling of what is possible.

2.    When I know what your wishes are I can indicate what the costs will be and after an agreement I will get to work.

3.    I make various proposals for the cover and invitation, we email back and forth until you are completely satisfied.

4.    For the inside work I make two test chapters, which we first make completely final before I continue with the rest of the chapters.

Schedule: this entire process takes about three weeks. Of course it can be faster, if nessecary, and if you have more time then that is only nice.

For information

Send an email to or leave a message at our contact page